When sustainability and quality see eye to eye - EN

When sustainability and quality see eye to eye - EN

Introducing Marvin & Mitch

What started as an idea in 2020 led to the start of a family business. Established in 2021, Marvin & Mitch was built to provide a world-class product and positively contribute to the environment and our community at the same time.

Inspired by our German roots, the products would meet the highest quality standards, and the manufacturing process would align with our country’s leading environmental regulations. That’s because we believe that responsibility, innovation and quality go hand in hand.

It’s a big undertaking to create quality products that can stand the test of time, especially when they are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. We’re investing in a sustainable future, and we’re inviting you on the journey.

Designing a new product

As a family, we created reusable eye patches that would replace disposable eye masks while creating the same effect for your skin. Designed and made in Germany, we work with certified manufacturers to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

Our reusable eye patches are made from 100% medical-grade silicone, a highly durable material that increases their longevity. A sustainable alternative to single-use eye patches has to be designed to be reused over and over again!

Our customers can use their favourite eye creams or eye serums with the eye patches. We’ve also chosen a compact metal box to protect them. It’s the perfect size for travel, ensuring you can take care of your skin anywhere.

Our vision for sustainability

When we think about our sustainability performance, we want to reduce the use of unnecessary materials, ensure our eye patches are reusable many times, and leverage recycled content wherever possible.

Our reusable eye patches are made from colourless natural silicon, avoiding the need for dyes or chemicals. We’ve also designed the metal box to be compact, preventing unnecessary packaging materials.

We have ensured that our product and packaging are plastic-free. Inside the metal box, our products are protected with FSC-certified paper and an envelope made of recycled paper from Europe. That’s all on top of designing a more sustainable alternative to single-use eye patches!

How to use and reuse our eye patches

We have designed our reusable eye patches to make them as easy as possible for you to use. Here’s a four-step process you can implement in your skincare routine:

  1. Apply eye cream or serum: Apply your favourite eye cream or serum either to the eye pad or directly under the eyes. We recommend using as little eye cream or serum as possible to ensure the eye patches hold perfectly under your eyes.
  2. Apply eye patches: Place the eye patches under the eye. You can place the narrower side on the inner or outer eye.
  3. Let the eye cream or serum do the work: Relax and let the eye patches work wonders alongside your eye cream or serum for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Clean the eye patches: Once you are done, rinse the eye patches thoroughly with warm water, dry them with a towel and make sure they are dry before putting them back in the container.

It’s as simple as that! Not only is your skin hydrated and brightened, but you’ll also have a positive impact by reducing waste as you reuse your eye patches. That sounds like a win to us.

Discover Marvin & Mitch’s reusable eye patches on our website or Amazon. We’re excited for you to try them and join us on our journey to revolutionise the beauty industry.

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